Vimle is an innovative online marketing company focused on e-commerce on the Amazon platform. Our goal is to be the leader in the industry by building global brands that offer premium quality products.

Our company overview

Vimle is an international company centered around the employees that not only helped build it but continue to drive our success. We are currently based in Hong Kong with offices in The Philippines, United States, United Kingdom and China. We are currently serving 8 countries and continue to work with clients all over the world.
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Our History

Founded in 2012 by Daniel Audunsson and Ryan Coisson, Vimle Limited has been involved in building and selling brands across many different e-commerce platforms.

The company’s core design was built around bringing together individual strategies that serve as a guide that provides the tools needed to achieving online success. We believe that the key component of success is not just about working harder, but also to work smarter by building long term strategies that can adapt to the constant changes in the industry.

The company, along with the its dynamic executive team, are committed to empowering the employees to have every opportunity to achieve a career that offers a balance in the work place. The success of the company starts within and carries the message to our partnerships.

Excitement, energy, passion and perseverance are key characteristics in dealing with the roller coaster of highs and lows of online selling. Vimle is a company founded on these characteristics and can help guide you to success.

Mission & Vision

Vimle was designed to always be on the cutting edge of online marketing for ecommerce and to create innovative solutions that promote and grow physical product brands online.

Vimle’s mission is to be the leader in e-commerce and constantly be one step ahead of the competition. What sets us apart, is that we specialize in working with the largest ecommerce stores in order to leverage their huge market share and build the authority that comes with being a best seller.

As e-commerce continues to dominate retail sales, we see a huge opportunity to create solid solutions and processes that drive success. Our Services are created to get physical products the exposure and market reach they need online to build, develop and flourish.

Brands today have to be able to adapt with the rapid changes in ecommerce, or get left behind. Vimle’s proven strategies allow us to outthink and outperform the competition and stay ahead of the game.

We are deeply focused on being a world class organization on every level. It starts inside Vimle by empowering our employees to reach their goals and achieve success. With a strong foundation we can continue to attract top level talent as we continue to expand in to a global powerhouse in e-commerce.


Core Values

Vimle was built on staying true to our beliefs and integrating them in to our daily work environment. We set in place, on day one, a set of core values that continue to live on through each employee and partnership. These values are what hold together our foundation and continue to keep us in front of the competition.

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    Love is cornerstone for the Vimle Brand.
    The company strives to be supportive of everyone regardless of race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, disability and gender.
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    Celebrating each other's uniqueness and diversity.
    The Vimle Brand believes that everyone is equal and that everyone is valued.
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    A company with the heart and compassion to make a difference.
    Giving is cornerstone for the Vimle brand. It is important for Vimle and its leadership to give back through philanthropy.
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    The Vimle Brand believes that the greatest things are accomplished by committed, ordinary people.
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    Convention & Decorum.
    A high level of professionalism is expected when working with the Vimle Brand.
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    Taking pride in one's job.
    Observing honesty and fairness at all times.
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    Enthusiasm towards work.
    Keeping the fire burning and doing things with passion.
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    Enjoying one's work and co-workers!
    To have fun and encourage creativity at work.
  • Daniel Audunsson
    Daniel Audunsson CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Audunsson is first and foremost an entrepreneur dedicated to creating and building success through e-commerce. His focus and expertise is selling on the Amazon platform. Daniel started his journey as an entrepreneur and online marketer in 2012, and has since then received recognition as one of the world's leading authorities in selling on Amazon, and he has been featured in a 25-minute TV Show about his journey and on large news networks such as BBC. Learn more about Daniel at his personal blog at
  • Ryan Coisson
    Ryan Coisson Co-Founder Ryan Coisson started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2003. He is co-founder of Vimle Limited & R&D Enterprises Group a digital publishing company, a sought after public speaker, contributor on Entrepreneur and HuffingtonPost as well as an in demand consultant. Learn more about Ryan at his personal blog at
  • Andy Baena
    Andy Baena Chief Operations Officer Jose Fernando Baena, more popularly known to his colleagues as “Andy” has been with the Business Process Outsourcing industry for more than 15 years. A graduate of AB Broadcasting Journalism from De La Salle University, He has had extensive experience with Operations, Training, Quality & Account Management. In his previous role, he handled 3,500+ full-time employees across two locations and was responsible for the profit and loss, operations, and client management of each site. Under his belt he has handled numerous top-brass accounts such as AT&T, XBOX & Sirius XM. He has been promoted through the ranks and handled multiple accounts all of which resulted in improved program performance and program growth.
  • Jamey Meirndorf
    Jamey Meirndorf Head of Business Development Jamey Meirndorf is a highly experienced Business Development Manager, that has worked with numerous INC 100 companies and some of the world's leading brands in various challenging international settings, such as Coca Cola and Manchester United.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Vimle take our responsibility to make the world a better place seriously.

Corporate social responsibility has always been a big part of our vision and the very reason the founders of Vimle went into business in the first place. Our goal is to create a legacy through big contributions that make the world a better place to live. This goes directly to the core of what Vimle stands for and why every employee works hard to make the company a success. We have established a core value that will expand the contributions as the company grows.

We are dedicated to helping end world hunger, provide access to clean water, improve education, fight diseases and save our planet.

Vimle’s initial acts of philanthrophy include building an orphanage in The Philippines and giving a million meals to families in The United States living below the poverty line.

Corporate Social Responsibility