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E-commerce is continuing to dominate the retail industry. Estimates have 37% of US Households using Prime by 2016 and 52% by 2020. Vimle can help you navigate the platform and create a powerful brand.

294 Million



Online Marketplaces

1 Billion

Items delivered worldwide in 2015


Countries shipped to in 2015

Evolution of the E-Commerce world

Today, e-commerce is the driving factor behind the growth in the retail industry. The traditional brick and mortar stores have given way to 24/7 access online. What used to be the standard shipping time of 7-10 days has evolved in to next day delivery. All of these leaps forward have put the power back in the hands of the consumer.

With all the improvements for the consumer, comes the complications for the seller. With platforms like Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay driving the potential for anyone to sell online, the market is becoming extremely crowded. Consumers rely on page one of Google and trust Amazon reviews to make a purchase. Staying relevant goes way beyond just putting your products online and making a sale. At Vimle, we are here to help you navigate the obstacles and stay ahead of the competition.

  • 294 Million
  • 10
    Online Marketplaces
  • 1 Billion
    Items delivered worldwide in 2015
  • 185
    Countries shipped to in 2015

Brands have to adapt or die

Creating a brand is no longer just about having a quality product and hoping it sells. E-commerce has created tremendous opportunities for success but has also opened up huge opportunities for competition. How do you stand out in the crowd to consumers? How do you set yourself apart from the competition? How do you stay ahead in a 24/7 environment? Once you reach the top, how do you stay there? All questions that lead to brands have to adapt or die. This involves every aspect of your brand from product quality, supply chain management, images, content, marketing and everything in between. These are all factors that can make or break everything you have built.

Vimle can help you find and keep the focus needed to build a quality, long term brand that can stand up against competition.

The Rise and Fall of a Brand: Blackberry

Blackberry is a great example of a company who was a leader in the global mobile market with a 20% market share and today sits at 3%. They lost their focus and Apple and Google stepped in to dominate the industry.

Since January 9th, 2007 (Launch of the iPhone) Apple stock has increased 10 times while Blackberry has declined 93%

There was a point where the carrier, by changing the rules, forced all the other carriers to change the rules eventually. It allowed Apple to reset what the expectations were. Conservation didn’t matter. Battery life didn’t matter. Cost didn’t matter. That’s their genius. 

Mike Lazaridis


What we do

We know the difficulties in building an online business and have based our entire mission at Vimle on helping you achieve success. At Vimle, we can provide services from concept to consumer and everything in between. Through our experience and expertise, we are building some of the biggest brands in the world by leveraging the power of e-commerce within the platforms of the giants in the industry.



Our team is built from individuals that have been immersed in the e-commerce industry for over 10 years. By building a team of experts in the industry, we have been able to refine and master the processes needed for guaranteed success. From day one we align our resources and create a true partnership to focus on building a long term brand.  Our commitment to your success starts with the onboarding process and never stops.


We can do this for you

We start by evaluating and initiating a partnership between Vimle and your brand. A true partnership can only happen if everyone is set on achieving the same goal. We believe that by working together with one focus we create an environment for the partnership to flourish. Then, we begin implementing our processes to ensure we are all on the same page as we move forward.


Now you can leverage some of our proven processes to grow your brand and optimize your online presence.

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A true partnership can only happen if everyone is set on achieving the same goal. We believe that by truly working together as one team with one focus, we create an environment for the partnership to flourish.

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Yuri Collesso - Alternative Channels Manager The team at Vimle have done a phenomenal job in supporting the recent launch of our organizations’ off-chute company on Amazon. Guidance communications have been clear, concise and on the money. Response communications have consistently exceeded timing expectations and the team assigned to support our organization, convey at every level an obvious dedication to the success of our strategic-partnership and our overall business objectives. It is a sincere pleasure interacting with each member of my extended team there at Vimle. Their level of customer service and conviction to our success is refreshing to experience in this day and age. After each engagement, I am left with nothing but compounding confidence that we made the right decision in partnering with and growing with, Vimle. Yuri Collesso - Alternative Channels Manager
Chris Wozniak - Entrepreneur I'd like to take a moment to recommend the services and skills of Vimle. I have rarely been treated with such tremendous customer service as I received from Xander and his team. As an entrepreneur and self employed person, I'm very specific and clear about my might even say "picky". In this case, I had numerous (over 75) 3D renderings I needed created rather quickly for my project. They happily created the renderings and made several revisions to several of those images until I was satisfied. I never felt like they were worn out by my requests, even though I would have understood if that were the case. Vimle was extremely responsive, very polite and highly skilled in creating the technical art I needed. Due to geographical and schedule constraints, they had to complete my project with pictures only (I was unable to send the actual object), which made their job much more difficult. However, they gladly invited the challenge and conquered the challenge with flying colors. Suffice it to say, I would recommend Vimle, Xander, Corie and the rest of the team without hesitation. I'm already using them for my second job. I can't wait to see what they'll produce! Thank you guys! Chris Wozniak - Entrepreneur
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